11390066_846277435455139_4834276435194162439_nRaising a child who lives with severe multiple impairments can be incredibly rewarding and also challenging. The Olivia Kay Foundation was created by Founders, Chad (Olivia’s Dad) and Lisa (Olivia’s Mom) and Olivia, who was diagnosed with an extremely rare neurological disorder called Leukodystrophy at 2 years old.

This first-hand experience in raising a daughter with multiple, special needs gives Chad and Lisa unique vantage points to help others. They often find themselves needing a break to reconnect with each other or “refuel” themselves, or researching what equipment to get for Olivia, or navigating the healthcare and insurance industries.

What We Do

Chad and Lisa created the Olivia Kay Foundation because they have had help along the way and want to share that help with others in similar situations. If you or someone you know cares for a child with severe multiple impairments and need help, the Olivia Kay Foundation can help with things such as:

  • Providing information about living with severe, multiple impairments.
  • Connecting you with appropriate resources for obtaining medical equipment or suitable transportation.
  • Equipment exchanges.
  • Support Groups and Networks.
  • Gas cards for getting to medical appointments,
  • Financial gifts for respite care/nursing care so parents can get a “break,” or funding
  • Olivia Gift Baskets for families admitted to PICUs.
  • Home improvements for wheelchair accessibility.

Olivia Kay Foundation was created to support and assist children (and their families) in the greater Lansing community and beyond who have severe multiple impairments, no matter what disease they may have.


Have a group or class that you would like Chad or Lisa speak to?  Chad and Lisa offer a message that is real based on their journey with raising a child with a terminal illness.  They highlight the challenges that families face when enduring suffering and brokenness.  Their experiences with Olivia has created a ministry of love and hope.  Their goal is to share their story in hopes that individuals can learn about how to cope with illness as well learn and see the world of medical care involved with caretaking for a child.  This opportunity is a great way to show kids in schools on how to treat individuals the same regardless of their disability.  To contact Chad and Lisa or request a booking, please email info@oliviakayfoundation.org.