Financial Support

All proceeds raised through our fundraising events, as well as your financial donations are put towards the organization’s mission of supporting families affected by terminal illnesses and other devastating disorders.  A portion of our funds will go toward research in finding a cure for Leukodystrophy.

If you feel led to donate, the link below will open a new window where secure payments may be made.


Support Olivia’s #PillowProject  (We have made over 4,000 Pillows since October 2015!)

Would you consider supporting our Pillow Project to help us supply positioning pillows to sick kids in area Children’s Hospitals? We sew every pillow in a special environment followed by tagging and bagging the pillow to make it super safe, clean, and helpful for each child who is admitted in the hospital. Our wonderful positioning pillows provide comfort, support, and joy to children suffering from so many ailments. All pillows are given to the children as a gift for them to use in the hospital and when they return home.  If you feel led to support this project, here is how you can help:

Sponsor A Pillow! – click here!   For just $10, you can provide a special positioning pillow to a child.

Or, donate the following materials to help supply our production process:

Poly-Fil Pillow Stuffing – We accept NEW and UNOPENED bags.  Pictured below, these can be found at Meijer, Walmart, Joann’s, Michael’s, and Hobby Lobby stores.

New Children’s Fabric – We only accept NEW children’s fabric. We do not accept donated used fabric.

White Thread

Amazon Gift Cards-  Amazon supplies our plastic bags that we put each pillow into to keep it clean and sanitary to give to each child. We need at least 3 different sizes.

Ribbon – Used to tie the tags onto the pillows.  The ribbon is soft, polyester and we typically use all colors.

Gift Cards – Gift cards from any of the stores listed above would be just as helpful.  You can send any gift cards to Olivia Kay Foundation at: 6501 S. Loomis Rd. Dewitt MI, 48820.

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